5 steps to successful collaboration

I've broken down everything involved into five steps that are essential to making your dream come true. See what the process of creating a custom-made garment looks like and schedule your first no-obligation meeting.


First meeting

At the first meeting, first of all, I will answer your questions. We have a chance to talk about all the details of cooperation, the idea and the initial cost of implementation. For me, the most important task will be to get to know you better and sense your expectations. This will require a series of questions, which will help me to compile all the information into one whole.

Then we move on to what you are dreaming about. Dress, costume or coat - any model of women's range is achievable for us. You don't have to have everything worked out completely. While discussing the model, I will suggest the right solutions for your idea and help you design every detail.

The first meeting does not oblige you to anything. The decision of what will happen next is up to you. You can think everything over at home and come back to me with the decision.


You can never have too many formalities

For our cooperation to be pleasant and transparent, formalities are necessary. At the first meeting I presented all the terms and conditions of cooperation. If our adventure is to begin, it will be necessary to sign the agreement and to leave the deposit.

For my part, I will provide you with an official estimate for the collaboration. We will talk about fabrics, accessories and necessary services that will make your idea come true. Everything has its price, and I assure you, I will not hide any additional costs.

We can discuss any of these topics at your convenience. If I didn't take your measurements at the first meeting, I will take the measurement of your figure at this meeting.


First fitting

The final form of your dream garment will be preceded by a trial version, which will help us determine exactly what we are looking for. I will prepare for you a raw form of the model in a technical fabric, which will present the cut you have chosen. For me it's an opportunity to make necessary changes and adjust the model to your silhouette, and for you to polish your idea to perfection. Anything can happen during this meeting. We will look at every detail and discuss all the details so you can achieve what you need.

We will approve the fabric, accessories and trim ideas. From this point, your unique creation will take shape.


Official version

From now on, the real excitement begins. For this meeting, I prepare a product cut from the fabric proper with all the details and solutions you have chosen. I do not finish all the elements so that you have a chance to make the necessary corrections. My focus is on making sure the garment fits perfectly and is polished down to the last detail.

Only at this meeting do we see the official results of our work. Everything we talked about, planned and designed finally takes a coherent form. Can you still change something? Of course. If you don't agree with an idea, there is still time to work on it.


Fitting and collecting

All ready to go. Your dream garment is finished and ready for collection. Of course, we try it on again to see the final result of our fruitful cooperation. If during the last fitting we come to the conclusion that some minor adjustments are necessary, there will be no need to meet again to pick up the order. I will deliver it to the place designated by you as soon as the order is ready.

The most important thing is your satisfaction. The whole process of creating this unique piece is a result of your ideas, dreams and needs. I will guide you through it, sharing all my experience and knowledge until the very end. I am convinced that we will find the right form to express your dream.