Modern corsetry based on craft traditions

Accentuate your curves with a feminine shaping corset

Do you dream of a slim silhouette, an accentuated waistline and support for your spine? Our unique corset models will make your dreams of a feminine silhouette come true.


Professional modelling underwear

Meet Poland’s first professional modelling corsets, which will model your figure and reduce your waist circumference as soon as you put them on. With a solid construction based on steel elastic underwire, they will effectively accentuate a woman’s curves and smooth out body imperfections. See the off-the-shelf models available in up to ten sizes.

Photo shoot with model - lingerie corset

Unique corsets tailor-made to fit your dreams

Corsets are back in favour again, especially those with a classic and timeless cut. Not only do we offer ready-made modelling models, but we also realise tailor-made corsets.

In our Warsaw workshop we create corsets according to your ideas and inspirations. Our designs are made according to the art of craftsmanship and can be any shape, size and colour. Looking for a corset for a night out, cocktail party, wedding or other important occasion? Make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation at JOANNA SOKÓŁ STUDIO.


Your dream wedding dress

When you dream, there is no room for compromise. Have an idea for your own wedding dress but can’t find it? You do not have to choose from the available models. I can create the version of the dress you have designed for yourself.


What do my clients say about me?

“Efekt przeszedł moje oczekiwania”

My dream wedding dress was sewn at Joanna’s atelier, a woman with an extremely warm yet professional approach to her clients.

Despite its simple form, the dress required precise workmanship, down to the smallest details. The end result exceeded my expectations. The dress is beautiful and, in addition, very comfortable.

In addition to my dress, a creation was sewn for my mother and my witness. The girls looked insane in those dresses.
Even though it’s been 2 years since the wedding the dress still delights me and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Joanna Sokół workshop to all future brides and grooms who simply want beautiful tailor-made creations of the highest standard!

Thank you again for the dream gown and the wonderful collaboration.

Marta Michalska

Quality finishes and good construction above all

The perfect design has to be brilliantly constructed and executed with precision to every millimetre. I document the process by which your ideas, with the help of my hands, are transformed into a unique work dedicated to you. You can find more beautiful stories already told on my Youtube channel!

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