Thanks to cooperation with Ula Turkiewicz @lolathenoir, co-creator of lingerie blog MISKI DWIE, a beautiful stage corset was created for the author's burlesque performances.

On the basis of a project inspired by a men's tailcoat I created a costume, the process of which I documented with a video. See what we managed to create!

A few months ago, we met with Ula I was invited to my studio in Niekłańska Street to discuss the details of the corset design in the bespoke service. I have to admit that before our meeting I had no idea what type of corset I would choose and for what purposes it would be used - in the bespoke service there is full freedom of design choice. Burlesque performances are for Ula (@lolathenoir) another passion, because we actually got in touch through a blog dedicated to lingerie MISKI DWIE. I was pretty sure I was in for a lingerie shaping corset made of corsetry mesh, but Ula was completely determined on a stage corset.

The inspiration for the corset was a men's tailcoat, or rather a tailcoat with a shirt transformed into a sexy costume with a busk fastener on the front. Above all, it had to shine and sparkle in artificial light - stage creations should make an impression. In a bespoke sewing service, I tailor the design to the client's figure and try to use appropriate techniques to best reflect the effect of the design. We discussed the details, materials and finishes and I immediately took Ula's body measurements.

For the second meeting I always prepare a trial sewing of the model in a cheap cotton fabric so that we can make appropriate corrections and changes. For me it's an opportunity for correction, and for the customer - the first meeting with the chosen cut. We corrected the shape of the cup, the length of the corset and worked out double-breasted lapels on the model of a man's tailcoat.

On trial, I noticed that the underwire I used was too flexible and did not model the back of the body correctly. Without a trial fitting, it would appear that the corset needs a back replacement, and sometimes a mistake can be too expensive - certainly time consuming.

The lion's share of impressions and the course of our cooperation is described by Ula in article on MISKI DWIE. Be sure to take a look and read something from the other side. From a technical point of view, the corset was quite demanding. It required knowledge not only in corsetry but also in tailoring of outerwear, jackets and coats. Ula and I worked on imitating a double-breasted clasp, which would actually unfasten. Additionally, the front of the corset is white, so its left side also had to be made of white lining. Inside the corset, a padded cup is sewn in for Uli's bust size. This ensures that the bust is solidly supported and exposed. In real corsets, the breasts are slightly lifted - the effect is called a breast "lift". Indeed, regardless of your bust size, your breasts should be lifted and positioned in the cups of the corset.

Making the corset took over 30 hours of work and required a lot of skill in sewing. According to the art of corsetry there should be a 4cm gap between the lacing bars. In this model, due to the fact that the tailcoat's halves are spread, we resigned from the gap. Additionally Ula's body is well acquainted with the reduction of corsets and it was possible to reduce the waist circumference more. However, Ula, as a singer and stage artist, could not afford maximum modeling, and the silhouette is clearly profiled anyway.

I could talk for hours about the corset made for Ula, but I think it's easiest to show how it was made. I documented the process of sewing and fitting the corset and edited a film of the costume preparation.

Our collaboration was a beautiful adventure and I am very happy that the resulting costume will be used by Ula You can find more information and coverage on my social media. Every day thanks to our cooperation something beautiful is created. I also recommend you to check out my blog MISKI DWIE, where three girls share reviews and their experiences with professional lingerie in every size. Highly recommended!